Today, I checked voice mail, on a whim, not because it told me I had anything, just a whim.  There were 17 messages waiting.  They were there because, there are no bars in this house except a wine bar.  It’s a great house, in Carmel, overlooking the ocean.  It’s comfortable and the air is clean.  HOWEVER, Calling my cell phone will not reach me until we move somewhere else.  My cell phone does not tell me there are messages waiting either.  Sorry, guys.

A number of your voice mails told me you were happy I was back in Santa Rosa.  That’s not true, either.  The greeting is left over from when we came back from Montreal.  I tried to change it and its instructions were so convoluted that I couldn’t figure them out.  Where’s the turn off/turn on of voice mail?  I was able to change it to a generic greeting.  That doesn’t give me a chance to record the best number to reach me.  It’s 831-626-4516.

Thank you all for your concern.  It is nice to know we are loved and cared about.  I’ll return your calls one by one, when I get a chance.  Elvon is requiring a lot more care here, and is losing ground with his transfers to and from the wheelchair.  It can take me an hour to get him from the bed to the wheelchair.  And, tonight, we are having the neighbors in for dinner, so can’t return calls them.  BTW, they are Hope and Sandy Hale, who were on the Barge on the Canal de Bourgogne, and will be joining us on the Shannon river in 2018. Looking forward to being social, again.

We will be moving into some form of assisted living, as soon as Oakmont, Fountaingrove Lodge’s parent, can liberate a spot for us.  That will be some time next week, I guess, it is 4:40 pm on Friday, and they haven’t called yet. When we go, we will likely be there until mid-November, as our home gets decontaminated.  It’s a process.