Our fire has been explained, and it’s terrifying.  There were fire tornadoes and they came right straight at us.  Here’s the map, from the San Francisco Chronicle.  :


Our home, Fountaingrove Lodge, is located under the lower black arrow in the tornado graphic.  At midnight on Sunday night, we, with Pat and Mike drove down Fountaingrove Parkway and turned right onto 101.  We drove through thick smoke, with flames on the right shoulder, where you see the red arrow.  Somebody up there likes us, a lot.

You can read the full story at http://tinyurl.com/ybjtw5a5

The wineries of Napa are reporting in.  The ones that are back in business and donating all or part of their tasting room fees are, Miner in Oakville, 100% of tasting fees, 25% of sales going to Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund. Silver Trident 100% of tasting fees to  The North Bay Fire Relief Fund, ZD donating 50% of all tasting fees to the Napa Valley Community Foundation supporting the fire relief efforts.  Chapellet and Frog’s Leap also reported in safe and back in business.

We are healthy, except for smoke inhalation, but I am losing the battle to keep Elvon smart and strong enough to do the transfers he needs to do.  So, we will be moving to Belmont in Albany, as soon as our Lodge Management can guarantee I won’t be driving all that way for nothing.  They will tell us tomorrow, I hope.  I have been talking to Marissa, our wonderful nurse.