I am still passing on that which comes my way, as a few of you have thanked me for that.

Belonging to Vintners’ Collective got me this:

Bob Almeida from Lagniappe let us know that they had extensive fire damage on their property. Their guest house burned, as did a car, three outbuildings, and half of their vines.  We were also very sad to learn that Shirley Roy lost her home and all buildings on the property. Her home, which Shirley and her late husband Charles purchased from legendary golfer Johnny Miller, was also where Roy’s offices were located and where guests to Roy Estate have been hosted since the winery’s beginning.

Gordon Huether, who has a workshop and gallery on Monticello, wrote:

To our friends and colleagues: We are so grateful to be able to write to you today! Our Studio was spared by the Northern California wildfires and we are happy to share that we are back and open for business! In an effort to help getting this beautiful Valley back on its feet, we encourage you to visit Napa Valley, spend a few days here and support the many local businesses that have been affected by this natural disaster.Though the aftermath of this tragedy will be felt for a long time to come, we feel extremely fortunate to remain unscathed

The Napa Valley Opera House, with our potties in it, is unharmed, but, like the Lodge, needs a lot of work.  They plan to reopen with shows, November 7.  They will need your support, and some good entertainment will be what you need, too.

Speaking of shows, there will be fundraisers aplenty for Fire victims:

  You can help California wine regions recover from devastating wildfires:

  • Attend fire relief fundraising events. Look for the #CAWineStrong hashtag.
  • Post fire relief fundraising events. Go here. When you write the “event name,” include #CAWineStrong.

http://www.localwineevents.com/  has Napa events.  No specific Sonoma Events yet

The Scalbergs are at their time share in Hawaii. Ernie sent a couple of photos.  This one is looking toward the ocean.ScalbergsHawaiiSmlaller171017

Ernie reports “We arrived in time for free ice cream cones and gusty winds. The wind is keeping the temperature comfortable but it can blow a golf ball right off the green. Supposed to calm by Thursday.  Tough days in paradise. In the meantime we have discovered some new restaurants.  More hard work ahead.”

We are still at their house in Carmel, and likely will be for the duration.  As long as I can keep Elvon strong enough, in mind and body, to effect his wheelchair transfers, we are good here.

I got 9 hours of sleep last night, after CalFire reported our nearest fire was 100% contained.  Now there’s one growing in San Jose, but that’s at least 50 miles away.  I have a lot of faith in our wonderful first responders, especially as the y are 11,000 strong. This fire is 200 acres and 5% contained, and it looks tiny to me.