Just a little update.  The fire is getting worse.  We will be out at least until Friday.

Sue Jamieson, my HK, friend, just wrote: ” I feel you are blessed so don’t panic..soon in the middle of the ocean, right?”

And I answered:  I am blessed.  In the middle of all this I have a choice of three places to stay.  What wonderful friends, I have, all over the world.  Huge thanks to Maurine Potter and Ulla Brown in Napa, who are among the few with power.  More thanks to Mariann Sheldon and Pat Perrin in Sacramento, where I am now.

I am at a Nexion Conference here tomorrow.  If Alpina Car in Napa still has power tomorrow, and so does Maurine, I’ll go sleep there tomorrow night and have my scheduled maintenance which includes an A/C problem worked on, on Wednesday.  I’ll probably come back here Thursday, as Steve and Trish will be here by then.  We all need our friends around us and I am blessed with a lot of very wonderful ones.

Thank you all for your good wishes.  This substitutes for long answers to all of you.  You mean a lot to me.

Mariann Sheldon in Sacramento just wrote:  “Sleep well tonight, dear friend. Just think of how everything is working as best as possible in a bad situation!!❤”  As usual, she’s right.