I can’t believe this is happening againFire181110smaller

But it is.  I just remembered my blog is the way to update everyone.  I have clients to meet in an hour, so here’s a very quick update:

I am in Sacramento at the Hilton Arden West. I was scheduled in here tonight for a travel company conference. I decided to come a day early. That was yesterday.  Not sure it’s the best place to be, as I passed a fire within a few miles of the city coming in. The wind was blowing west, away from the city, but it could change. It is still blowing stink here. That’s a sailors’ term. I gather it’s obvious.

The Sacramento fire was at the airport and is out today.  I might stay here longer, but I have to go now.

For Montrealers:

Arriving Mtl Nov 22, signing and receiving goods, deciding on paint colors,  leaving again Dec 10 for travels.  Returning to unpack January 27.  Having grungy come see party Dec 3.  STD.  Serving warm dead bird, on rented tables, with rented chairs, newspaper, paper plates, beer and jug wine.  RSVP to my regular email.