Britain is leaving the common market.  That’ll teach the voters that a vote is not a toy.  You have to vote the way you want it to come out, just in case a lot of other people think just like you.  This is a lesson America needs to learn, and in a hurry.  If we had learned it sooner, we might have a better choice of candidates.

Anyway, it works for us.  We hope to pick up some bespoke clothing at bargain prices  We got rid of 70% of what we had.  Most of it was out of style anyway.  I had been keeping things because they had labels, and were expensive, but shoulder pads, double breasted, really?  Thanks Ritzie, for helping me be ruthless.  We did such a good job that there’s even room in the downsized closets for a couple of nice new pieces.

Speaking of the new digs.  They are fabulous..  We have a vista from our balcony.  The food is spectacular, and the people are terrific.  There’s not a rotten apple in the barrel, and that’s a lot to say for an old folks’ home,  You’d swear it was a cruise ship, and I do know what those are like.  If you don’t have our new address, it’s Fountaingrove Lodge, 4210 Thomas Lake Harris Dr. # 117, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.  My cell phone stays the same, and it now has free texting all over the word, where T-Mobile has service.  I can even call you back for 20 cents a minute, if it’s urgent.  I expect to save $1,000 a year over Verizon.  Stay tuned.  I’ll report glitches here, if any.

Since we got back to Napa on May 5, an awful lot has happened.  We sold the house and a lot of its contents, gave away the rest, and moved on June 10.  Thanks, Susan, Ruth and Kim. We lived in boxes for a couple of weeks, which were sheer hell.  We still don’t have much furniture, but there’s a lot on order and more will be soon.  Thanks Deborah and Val.  But we are having a lot of fun.  Thanks, Pat.  We have dinner in this gourmet restaurant every night.  There’s no corkage, of course, and that’s a good thing, because we have to drink up our cellar, as it will age a lot faster at 65 degrees, than at 55.  We eat with different people most every night and they are all delightful.  Dinner is often followed by a movie, with popcorn, no less.  On Sunday afternoons, there’s live music, with sweet treats.  There have been a couple of parties out on our “lanai”, with the best view in the place.  The last one was a fund raiser, and it had a wonderful danceable band.  I thought I had forgotten how, but my new neighbor brought out the dancing fool in me.

Then there are the outings.  We haven’t had much time to participate, but we will.  I can’t wait.  But now, we are on a plane, bound for Amsterdam, where we will stay a few days before boarding Celebrity’s Silhouette to go around the British Isles, with stops in Guernsey, Liverpool, Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Edinburgh, Inverness, etc.  On August 20, we’ll fly to Montreal to hang with our dear friends and relatives there for a bit.

In 2017, we have two assignments on Holland America’s 647 passenger, ms Prinsendam, January 3, 2017, it’s a 67-Day Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage. There’s a 37-day segment, too.
and next summer, it’s the ms Prinsendam again, August 18, 20-day Iceland, Greenland & Scottish Explorer. We would love for you to come along. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get you a quote.