Back from the world to say “Farewell to Napa”
As many of you know, and it’s time for the rest to find out, we’re off to assisted living in Santa Rosa. Some time in late June, we’ll settle in to our new apartment at Fountaingrove Lodge in Santa Rosa. In our humble opinion, The Lodge is even nicer than Varenna, if you can believe it. It is just two years old, and it’s gorgeous. Fabulous views, nice public spaces, delicious food, lots to do. It’s perfect, except for the pokey little apartment. But, we’ll make that work, too. It’s bigger than most staterooms and even our pokey little apartment has a nice view, suitable for sundowners.
We’ll let you know when you can come see. We didn’t take pictures but you can go to where I got this one of the wine cellar:Gay-Retirement-Community-Santa-Rosa.002
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