CARE giving is a big job.  So is running even a (busy) little travel agency, and a house.  And, have I mentioned healing?  Not that I am complaining, but just so’s you know why I made a decision this morning.


This year’s card is going to be posted here and I’ll send out email, inviting you to come see it.  I’m hoping you’ll sign up for my blog at the same time.  I am going to take the money I save on stamps and printing, which is about $500, and give it to the kind of charities that brighten the holidays for those who are down on their luck, like our fire victims, The Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc.

It will be out before we leave, we’re taking the picture tonight.  Do sign up for the blog, if you want to follow us on the Prinsendam over the holidays and around the world for the fourth time on the Amsterdam.