We are coming around you again in 2016.  I’ll be vacation.com’s Concierge Host and Elvon will bask in his duties as host consort.  It’s an amazing bargain this year, likely due to an increase in competition.  $19,999 per person, double occupancy, gets you on board with us, instead of just reading my blogs.  Yes, for four months, cheaper than staying home.  I’ll be delighted to be your helper, adviser, drinking buddy, whatever it takes.  And we have two overnights in Hong Kong, where we really know how to have fun.

We’re starting early.  We’ve always wanted to sail on the Prinsendam, Holland America’s Renaissance style ship.  So, we’ll be spending Christmas in the Caribbean, on her.  On January 5, we’ll board the Amsterdam, for another four month adventure, our fourth.

Want to come play?  For all four months or a segment?  Take a look at http://tinyurl.com/2016RTW .  Then call or email me.  I would love to sell it to you, and I can promise you the vacation of a lifetime.