And doing it on Holland America again.  This 5-Star Mariner has no objections.  The perks are fabulous and I get to spend another four months with my old cruise buddies.  Come along and I’ll introduce you. Take the whole thing or a segment.  It’s surprisingly affordable. 

128-Day Grand World Voyage


JAN 3 – MAY 12, 2023



Cruise around the world roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale. Explore colorful ports and stay in incredible destinations: Panama City, Tahiti, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Cape Town, and Amsterdam. Return, forever changed. Note the itinerary proceeds west from Fort Lauderdale, so you start at the right side of the map.

Here’s the link to go play at HAL’s site:  U309 128-DAY GRAND WORLD VOYAGE ( 

It’s surprisingly affordable and there’s not much flying involved. And take a look at the terms of part two here.  Like the cheap cancellation insurance and the single cabins. I haven’t had time to check them out for the world, but, show some interest and I’ll do that in a heartbeat. 

OK: PART TWO – Fall for Montreal – and Sail with Me – Just for Fun

There are now 5 of us girls on HAL’s Montreal to Fort Lauderdale and, in the process of booking one of them, I found out that the Zaandam has SINGLE cabins.  Single ocean-view cabins, if you don’t mind.  So I have two of those sold, now.  The singleness of them brings the price down below $2000 US, including taxes and fees.  You can probably pay your tips and still be under $2,000.  Singles don’t see deals like that very often.  And, for about $150, you can put “Cancel any Reason” cancellation insurance on it and get 80% of your money back up to 28 hours before sailing.  Just in case COVID has another wave or Monkey pox actually becomes contagious, which it isn’t very, you know. 

We can play in Montreal for four days or so and then just take a taxi to the pier.  My city is finally waking up and the shows and festivals are back.  Just for Laughs and the  Montreal Jazz Festival have full programs.  I don’t know what’s going to be on in late September, but we board on a Saturday and so there’s bound to be something great.  And I’ll have you on tour of the city and surrounding area, getting you into places only I can.  Gourmet restaurants abound and I’ll take you to have the best Rotisserie Chicken in the town that invented it.  Did you know that?  Then there’s Montreal smoked meat, another delicacy “de chez nous”.  We can skip poutine but you can order it at the chicken place or the smoked meat place.  You get to meet a bunch of my Montreal friends, too. 

Who’s in?  The more the merrier.  Have a look at X256 9-DAY THE ATLANTIC COAST (  The current offer includes a 50% reduced deposit (non-refundable) and a $100 ship board credit.

.Might as well grab it.  But don’t book it online – call or email and let me collect the commission, for my trouble in organizing the best time ever in Montreal.  I can’t wait to show off my city. I am leaving town on June 19, so dawdle not. Ship Ahoy! All aboard!