Wednesday, March 23, still at sea.

We lost another hour last night and we aren’t getting up any earlier.  We got it all together, though and were at the desk on time again.  Our people were coming in to give us their tour lunch orders. We got another newsletter out because we had things to offer and more answers to get re lunch. 

In the afternoon, I did a little work on my log and blog but Pat and Mike and Pat Jordan wanted to play Bridge and so did I.  It has been too long.  It took a bit to get me back in, but I really enjoyed it.  I’ll make all the time I can for it. 

We broke up about 4 pm, and I got my delicious milk shake from the ice cream bar, and did a bit of email before it was time for Happy Hour. Bill called to invite us to dinner with him and David and I asked them to join us with Pat and Mike and Pat and Toby.  It’s really starting to look like the Lodge now. 

Happy Hour is taking off.  This time we were eight.  Then we had our FGL eight-some to dinner and a lot of laughs, because David is a ventriloquist.  The show was Linda Gentile and I stayed awake all through it, even though I ate like a pig, again.  Ate pig, too, Serrano ham, pork chop garnished with bacon.  The lobster wasn’t a pig and neither was the chocolate volcano, but I didn’t discriminate.  I had three of the gluten free rolls, too.  Oink.

Got back to the room to yet another lose-an-hour note.  This is getting old.

On Thursday, March 24, still at sea, it’s getting harder and harder to get up.  The desk was still busy.  Our big question is still “meat or fish” for lunch on our tour in Funchal.  Of course, now they want to know, what kind of meat or fish. They also wanted to be sure there were ample pit stops.  I assured one and all that I would be on that one.  A lot of people gave us their lunch choices and we recorded them.  That question really drove people to the desk. 

I went up to Future Cruises to get the lay of the land and to find out when to bring my clients there.  Then I worked on deck for most of the afternoon.  There were 8 of us for Happy Hour and, it was was a lot of fun. 

We went to dinner at Polo Grille, which reminded me of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  It was probably supposed to.

The service was so slow that we missed the show and it was Michelle Montuori,  the same entertainer that we missed the last time that happened.  Merde, alors.

Again at sea on Friday, March 25.  For once we didn’t lose an hour, and it was a good thing, too, because we had both been up in the night.  Good that we are timed to have our bad nights simultaneously.  Neither of us had to feel badly about waking the other one up. 

The traffic at the desk is thinning out and is all easy to handle.  One guy came by to request a later shore excursion, which we don’t have.  We just have a really good one.  Pat Gustafson came by at the end, as planned, and we went up to Future cruises together, because I am their travel agent. 

One of our people had left a note at our door that she was giving a talk, in the Marina Lounge at 11:15 am, about Medal of Honor winners.  It had become a major interest of hers and she had the talk all prepared.  Tricia went to that and said it was excellent.  She learned a lot of background on the men who are usually commended for their one big, brave act.  They are real people, though, and Kris made them come alive.  That fueled our Happy Hour conversation, too.

Between lunchtime and Happy Hour, we phoned everyone we hadn’t heard from with our “meat or fish” question.  We finally got a response from one who had not previously answered and I was able to diagnose her over the phone.  She has Alzheimer’s, just like Elvon did, only she is travelling alone.  Her first problem was losing her luggage.  Apparently she got off the plane and just walked away and into a taxi without it.  Luckily there are shops on board.  I went to visit her in her cabin and she is very sweet but could sure use a companion.  I invited her to our group dinner tonight, in part to see if she would be able to get herself there. 

Happy hour was really good, ten people this time and we had a lot of laughs.  We did have a couple of the younger generation with us:

They were actually looking up the price of Norwegian stock, having heard that you get ship board credit for being shareholders. 

Our group dinner was small but very nice.  Our test case did make it and acquitted herself nicely.  She even brought her signed waiver.  We’ll be happy to take her on tour if we can figure how to muster her early enough to meet us.  Maybe the concierge can help.

The show was a tribute to Peggy Lee and the music was really old, even for me.  But, it was all singing all dancing and so very easy on the eyes.  I slept well after it.  Tricia was almost asleep when I got in.