This year I hit the jackpot of Distinctive Voyage assignments.  I really did.  It’s 139 days, it’s Crystal and it will drop me off in London, where I can see a few plays, if the West End is open, and have just a short flight, by my standards, home to Montreal.  It goes to a lot of my favorite places, like Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Rome, purr.

Yeah, I know.  COVID isn’t over, so I am not even 100% sure it is going to sail, but, if it is, I will trust Crystal to keep me and every other passenger, very safe.  For Crystal, it’s very well priced, all inclusive, including a 2 night overland experience in Beijing.  Plus, for a limited time, you can reserve without putting a penny down for 90 days, which takes you almost up to sailing.  Think of it as your escape from winter, or time off from care-giving, if that’s your situation.  Elvon enjoyed four world cruises as he worked his way through the stages of Alzheimer’s. The ship was a familiar environment, his meals and social interaction were taken care of, he exercised in the gym with a trainer, and loved just sitting on the deck, when the lectures became too hard to follow.  And he really loved the live entertainment after dinner.  My take-away was the preservation of my sanity.  I highly recommend it.

Drooling but not ready to commit to that long?  There are some very interesting segments you can join me on, like:

For my North American friends on both coasts:  Miami to Los Angeles – 16 nights

West Coasters: Los Angeles to Brisbane(20 nights), Rome(111 nights)  or London (123 nights)

Hong Kongers:  Brisbane to HK (18 nights) HK to Tokyo (12 nights) or Shanghai (24 nights)

Check them out:

If I haven’t convinced you to come, and you want to spend one of those months in beautiful downtown Montreal in winter, Robbie will be needing staff.  He’s an awfully nice cat, and no trouble at all. 

I mean that last part.  He’s two weeks into learning to use the people toilet and doing very well.  My next blog will deal with that subject.