Come sail with me in 2019 or 2020.  My Distinctive Voyages are getting very distinctive, indeed.  I now have a Seabourn and three SilverSeas in my future.  Come share one with me.  My August cruises in Northern Europe are seriously inexpensive.  You can have an Ocean View Cabin for less than $2000 per person, double occupancy, or a suite for less than $4000 ppdo, and one of these is a 20 day cruise!

I am giving you links to the cruises and the respective cruise line’s sites, but please don’t click through to buy.  If you want to travel with me, and get my add-ons, you have to buy it from me.  It’s the same price and I chase all the sales and such that happen after you buy, so you always get the best deal.  Because these are all Distinctive Voyages, there’s a free cocktail party and a free shore excursion on each of them.  The Holland America cruises are very affordable, SilverSea and Seabourn more money, but great value, truly.  Read on.

I am coming to Montreal on July 24 and leaving for Amsterdam on July 31,

Here are my cruises and plans:


August 4 – 18 – HAL Rotterdam – Scottish Highlands – they call it.  It’s quite a bit more territory:Aug4Scottish

Here’s the link – –  Traveling with me on Holland America is extra special, because I am a 5-star Mariner and have some perks I can share.  I’ll be flying into Amsterdam early, so we can play there, and parsing the Itinerary for shore excursions.  Ocean View:  $1632 ppdo, Vista Suite: $3662, Neptune Suite – $8513ppdo – Live like the swell that you are.

August 18 – Sept 7 – HAL Rotterdam – Icelandic Fjords and Greenland Explorer

Aug18IcelandHere’s the link – –  Traveling with me on Holland America is extra special, because I am a 5-star Mariner and have some perks I can share.  I’ll already be on the ship, and have been to two of the ports, by the time you get there.  I’ll know a lot about what to do ashore.  Ocean View:  $1880 ppdo, Vista Suite: $3959 Neptune Suite – $9503ppdo – Live like the swell that you are, for 20 days.

Following that, I’ll be in Montreal until September 15.  Then I‘ll stay put until mid-December, when I get the cherry on 2019’s sundae.  It might just be your cherry, too.

December 21 – Jan 4 – Seabourn Ovation – “Thailand and Viet Nam” – Singapore to Hong KongDec21eabournAsia

Here’s the link: – “Holiday Thailand and Viet Nam” – Singapore to Hong Kong.  I don’t need A & K in either Singapore or Hong Kong.  I have friends, instead.  I lived in Hong Kong for 5 years and have been to Singapore multiple times.  I’ll be your tour guide.

The Ovation is Seabourn’s newest ship, launched in 2018.  It carries 604 passengers, about the same size, and price, as SilverSea.  It’s an all verandah ship.  Balcony categories are V1 to V6 in ascending order of location preference.  All cabins are 300 sq. Ft.  V2 gets you midships on Deck 5.  And it’s a premium, all-inclusive line.  It’s all here The only things you can pay for are shore excursions and shop purchases.   I’ll be teeing up three days before in Singapore and three days after in HongKong, just for my own clients.  I’ll get us in to some private clubs, the RHKYC for sure, probably the horse races, etc.

Attention Canadians: (with those sad dollars that I have too many of, myself.  Take heart but act fast.)

Sometimes the cruise lines sell cruises for fewer Canadian dollars than the going rate would suggest.  Sometimes it’s the other way around.  I’ll always check for you and we’ll choose the better price, together.


May 4 – 21 – SilverSea Silver Muse – Tokyo to Vancouver – 18 days

Tokyo-VCRMapHere’s the link:

It’s a SilverSea boondoggle that starts in one of the nicest cities in the world.  Tokyo is gearing up for its Olympics, starting in July, so there are a lot of new, wonderful places, good roads, English signs, and all.  It’s very easy to navigate.  I just came back from there, in April.  And when will you ever o to Petropavlosk, if not now.  Then it becomes an Alaska cruise, and ends in Vancouver, BC, where I have plenty of friends, and there’s plenty to do. I can’t wait to get on SilverSea.  I have so many friends who won’t sail anything else.


October 27-November 9 – SilverSea Silver Whisper – Montreal to Fort Lauderdale – 14 daysMontreal-FLLMap

This is one way to get to Florida for the winter, if you’re Canadian.  It’s a way to show my city to my American friends, too.  I’ll be planning a super lead-in.  I am going to work on it when I am in Montreal next month.  I’d like to know who’s thinking of coming, for planning purposes.

Requested: and I think I have it:

December 1 to 18 – SilverSea Silver Spirit – Mumbai to Singapore – 18 daysMumbai-SINMap


I’m thinking of flying over to Hong Kong to spend Christmas there, after the cruise, but that’s not firm.  Twist my arm.