California is on Fire, again – Part 2

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sylly P is in good spirits and still asking for food.  If she would just not be pooping all over the place…  Maybe these antibiotics are working.  I hope I have long enough here to find out.  The air quality is a bit better this morning but the Camp Fire (Don’t you love the name?) is up to 109,000 acres and 25% contained.  If the acreage would stop going up with the containment, that would be more cheering.   Over 6500 structures have been destroyed, most of them homes.  Most of them poor old folks.  You want to cry.

Many people have written about Sylly P, whom, by the way is a lot better today.  I started giving her cannabis oil three days ago, and it has given her the munchies.  She’s grooming herself again, and is most social.

Marilyn Salhany wrote: “Poor Sylly P.  She probably  missed Elvon more than you realized if you say she got sick last Christmas.  Pets are funny that way.”    Sure enough, I noticed the coincidence.  It started with her pooping in the bath tub, and that happened very soon after his death.  The odd thing is he hadn’t lived with us for 2 months, but I suppose I brought his scent home every night, and then no longer.

Sylly P is getting better every day, but my poor carpet is still in pain.  We’re only half-way through the antibiotic, so there’s still hope.  We’re expecting rain next week, so it will soon be over for this year.  There is concern for what the future holds, if you believe in Global Warming, and, I do.

So, a last note, from the SF Chronicle:

Camp Fire: Death toll grows to 48, Butte County requests National Guard help in search for remains

Kurtis Alexander and J.K. Dineen Nov. 13, 2018 Updated: Nov. 13, 2018 10:57 p.m.

Fire181114smallerCHICO, Butte County — The death toll from the Camp Fire, already the worst California has ever seen in a wildfire, grew by six to 48 on Tuesday, officials announced at an evening news conference.

The Camp Fire grew to 130,000 acres and was 35 percent contained as of Tuesday evening.

It had destroyed a total of 8,817 structures — including 7,600 single family homes and 260 commercial buildings, officials said. Officials said 5,615 personnel were fighting the fire; 52,000 people remained evacuated in and around Paradise and 13,085 people remained sheltered.

The conditions in Butte County are extremely dry, officials said. They said 212 days have passed since it has rained in the area.

With the cadaver dogs and search and rescue teams still scouring the obliterated structures in search for human remains, it’s still uncertain when property owners will be allowed to return home.


Upcoming: 3 nice cruises

For those of you who have been asking where I go next, that’s Buenos Aires to San Antonio, on Celebrity, Eclipse, December 23, with add-ons in BA and the Chilean Wine country.

If you want Asia, I have TWO choices for you:

I’ll be hosting on Celebrity – Millennium – March 30, Shanghai to Tokyo, 14 days
Celebrity Millenium – Shanghai to Tokyo – 2 back-to-back China/Korea and Japanese Explorer:

Start with a few days in Shanghai, then”

  • Seoul
  • Beijing – 2 overnights
  • Jeju Island, South Korea
  • Kobe, Japan – overnight
  • Mt Fuji

End in Tokyo –Stay a few days there.   I have good friends to help me script that.

Then, I have four exceptionally nice ladies from L.A. who are going, Shanghai to Singapore, also on Celebrity, in eraly February.  I have been working with these gals for a few months, and they are all lovely.  They like to travel well, and they don’t quibble.  I have some pretty nice stuff lined up for them.  Read my own Asia blog from last February, to get the flavor.  They’d be happy to have a couple more people along to share private tours, etc.

Email me about any of these, or anything else you want.  I’ll be home when you get this.