My prize plum assignment for March 2019 – Sydney to Tokyo on Oceania!


I wasn’t planning on selling this until I got my taxes done, but Oceania are forcing my hand.  They are raising their prices on April 1.  Take note of that if you are planning any Oceania cruise, and do take a look at mine.


Seas of Enlightenment – Oceania Insignia, March 4 to 31, 2019, 27 days

Enlightenment or not, this is a dream of a cruise.  I got early access to this for long and faithful service, as a Distinctive Voyages concierge host.  The starting and ending ports are Sydney and Tokyo, places I’ve always wanted to explore more fully, I love Indonesia and the Philippines, and what’s not to love about Oceania?   Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan

Most categories are already wait listed.  That no longer scares me.  Three months before, plenty of cabins open up, and the wait list clears.  It is important to be on it. And I’d suggest getting on it at today’s prices, not next month’s.  Oceania may still raise them on you but “may” is not “will”, which will surely happen if you wait.  If you are remotely interested, it would be best to get on the wait list by March 31.  Call or email me.  Canadians:  I can put you on either wait list, I am a dual agent, now.

And if you want a little fall holiday with me:

I’ll be the Distinctive Voyages host on a Mediterranean Cruise this October. We go Rome to Rome on Holland America’s Koningsdam.  I have clients booked in two cabins.  So, I bid for and got it.  Who else is coming with me? Take a look:  October 8 sailing.

It’s seriously inexpensive.  Treat yourselves to a suite.  Comes with a free cocktail party and shore excursion.  Brunch at the Monte Carlo Yacht Club, anyone?  I can get us in. And yes, if you want me to take care of you, you buy it from moi.