We were met at Changi, Singapore’s airport, by the Marina Bay Sands’ van, and it was smooth sailing to the hotel and through check-in.  What a place.  It’s the one you see in all the ads for Singapore tourism.  A humongous concrete boat spans three 57 foot towers.  There’s an infinity pool up there, restaurants, bars, etc.  In, and below, the towers, are the rooms, a casino, offices, shops, etc.  It overlooks The Gardens by the Bay, which The Sands had to give to Singapore to get to build the complex. That’s fabulous, too.

It’s a full dose of Asia, though, especially at Chinese New Year, when there are a lot of families vacationing.  We got there at bed time, so that’s what we did, and it hit us in the morning, when we went down to forage for food.  The elevators are jammed from about 10:00 am to 11:30 am, when everyone checks out, with their luggage.  They are fast enough, though, and we all found something to eat.

We had no plan for the 16th and I had to work, but everyone had a good time and we convened at the pool for the afternoon.  It was as advertised, and quite wonderful.  Sue Jamieson, Dr. Sue from Hong Kong, was in Singapore, too, over Chinese New Year.  She texted me and I invited her to join us at the pool, which she did.  Great fun.

Adam had done some research and found an amazing Gin Bar, called the Atlas.  It was in a wonderful art Deco Hotel, and quite the experience.  Sue joined us with a couple of her clients, who were very charming.  It was all very chi-


chi.  I was amused to see a server decanting white wine, at the next table.

So we followed that up with street food at Lau Pa Sat, a short cab ride away.  If you go, Stall Number 8 is the best one.  We had super satays, drank beer and ate chili crab.  That was wonderful, but who said street food was cheap?  It didn’t break the bank, but it was almost $100US for two crabs, and modest sides.

Then we went off to the Singapore Zoo’s night safari, which was fun, but none of the pictures turned out at all.  I won’t have to do that again.

On the 17th, Adam and Judy took the HopOn HopOff bus, which is good in Singapore, while Pat, Mike and I went to the Jurong Bird Park, where all of the pictures turned out well.  The birds were so colorful. Many of them are extinct in the wild, and the park makes a big point of their breeding programs, so just a few of us, now and in future generations, can see them.  In the evening we went to Little India, where I love to shop for white embroidered tops to wear over cheap Thai and Vietnamese bottoms.  I got a couple, and we had dinner at Banana Leaf Apolo, which never disappoints.

And, on the 18th, we boarded Celebrity Millennium, bound for Hong Kong.


Next Assignment for me – Maybe a cruise for you?

It’s a Mediterrean Cruise in October. We go Rome to Rome on the Holland America Koningsdam.  I have two cabins booked and it’s a Distinctive Voyage.  I bid for and got it.  Who else is coming with me? Take a look:    https://www.hollandamerica.com/details?webItineraryIdForAudit=E8M10B&fromSearchVacation=true&guestsCount=2&voyageCode=K862&selectedMeta=Interior&shipId=KO  October 8 sailing.

It’s seriously inexpensive.  Treat yourselves to a suite.  Comes with a free cocktail party and shore excursion.  I’ll have no trouble booking you from wherever I am.  Brunch at the Monte Carlo Yacht Club, anyone?  I can get us in.