After writing that last blog on Friday morning, I went to see Elvon, and he was much better and speaking in sentences, at least until he got tired. He told me he likes The Terraces. That’s a relief.  Comcast is the current frazzler.  I spent an hour on the phone with them, on Friday, with no real result.  It’s sort of working but not with Comcast’s remote until after you jump through a few hoops on the TV’s remote.  .  With about 20 people needing to turn it on and off, this is not acceptable.  They are sending me a new remote, which I doubt will fix it.  Sigh.

Because I say Elvon is happier does not mean he is getting better.  But at least he is comfortable.  This last was a family weekend.  Cathryn had depositions to take in Arizona and used that  as a springboard to a family visit.  Elvon’s sister, Esther, in Fresno, decided she had to see him, too, and since none of them could come here for Christmas, we had the annual big family weekend.  I stepped back and let them all have at him. Elvon was talkative on Saturday, but unresponsive Sunday and Monday.  I had hoped for him to be well by Tuesday, but, alas, not.

Cat had to go home early Tuesday morning, to be with her husband, Matt, whose Crohn’s operation had failed and had to be re-done.  It’s a lot more complicated than that, but I don’t understand it enough to explain.  He’s still in the ICU, and worthy of thoughts and prayers, too.

Wednesday, Elvon was a little more awake, and I saw him, with our Hospice Social Worker, in the afternoon, and again after dinner to watch a movie.  I brought wine, but he can’t really drink it any more.  The acid makes him choke.  We held hands and watched Anastasia.  It turned out to be the cartoon version, but it suited our purposes.  I am going back tonight.  He seems to like our time together at the end of the day.  I do, too.

The new Comcast remote arrived, today, and it was an earlier version than the one we had.  I called them again, got more intelligent life on the end of the line, and we got it back to the way the original guy had installed, with the better remote.  I then gave up, and revised the instructions to back where they were.  At least it’s simpler.

I have been agonizing over our Christmas Greeting, and have now found one that works.  It will be my next post.