I haven’t written, because there has been no change in Elvon’s condition, and he is still at Sonoma Post-Acute Care, but not for much longer.    No change is bad in this case. He is in a rehab facility and has shown zero interest in being rehabilitated.  I don’t blame him.  He has been through enough.  But there they are, feeding him mush, so he won’t get pneumonia, making him sit in a chair for hours, and trying to torture him with physical therapy.

All he has ever wanted was peace and quiet, good food, a little wine and a TV set to keep him company.  I can’t watch his unhappiness any longer.  I am bring him home to Fountaingrove, to The Terraces, our Memory Care Unit.  It’s beautiful, and serene.  Hospice will bring in the HiLo bed he requires, and offer support to all of us.  He’ll be allowed to enjoy whatever he wants to eat and drink.  Susan and I will be spending the rest of today decorating, getting the TV, etc.  He’ll come to his new home on Monday.  I’ll be able to walk over and see him whenever I want, so more short visits are in order.  I think he’ll like that.

Today, Susan and I are in the Interior Design business on his room.  We’ll put in a little Christmas, too, and we’re expecting the whole family next weekend.