After I published yesterday, I had a meeting with the Discharge Planner, and gave her the list of rehab places in Santa Rosa, that Merissa had given me.  I also gave her my SkyMed and Nationwide information, Travel and Fire Insurance may kick in, after Medicare and AARP.  It looks like we are taken care of, until he can move into The Terraces.

Today, Wednesday, I hear he is free to go, tomorrow or the next day, and has been accepted by the best care place in Santa Rosa.  He’ll be going with Medical Transportation.  He isn’t stable enough to ride with me, if we could even fit him in the car.  It took 4 people to change him around noon, today.  He kicks and hollers, and carries on something fierce.  You wouldn’t want that to start up when you were alone in a car with him, and trying to drive it.  I just hope some insurance or other pays for it.  SkyMed denied it because the care he needs is available here in Carmel.  They didn’t seem to care that it would adversely affect him to be moved multiple times.

So, I am just going to do what’s best for him, and back to Santa Rosa we go.  I expect to be on the road from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm, Pacific Time.  If anyone wants to call me, I’ll have my cell phone on speaker and be more than happy of the diversion.  I should be back in the Lodge on Monday.