Well, the doc came back, last night, to report that Elvon has a minor fracture of the left distal femur.  That’s the big bone on its way into the knee from above.  It does not require surgery, and it’s his bad leg.  They just immobilized it, with a brace.  He hollered bloody murder.  The good news is that it will take a couple-three days to regulate his pain-killers and that will make his move to Carmel Hills Care Center, a shoe-in. 

Well, that has always been our objective, but what a way to achieve it!

 It will also make it a Medicare matter, which will be easier on our finances.  About time we caught a break.  I hear you groan, but I couldn’t resist it.  If I don’t get a laugh once in a while, I’ll cry.  The break isn’t much, but Elvon doesn’t react well to the hospital environment.  He never has, but now he doesn’t understand why he is here, isn’t sure where he is, and is afraid of, well, everything.   

 You should see this hospital.  It’s much like a resort.  I am most impressed and find it a nice quiet place to spend a few hours.  As long as the medical personnel stay out of the room, it’s calm and serene, unless he has a bad dream.  The cafeteria is good.  There’s a Meditation Room, and lovely gardens.  I’ll have to ask if they have a gym for visitors.  I wouldn’t be surprised.