We had a treat Friday night, at our friends’ house in Carmel.  Pat and Mike came to visit us, and they brought Chinese Food from Tommy’s Wok, the only decent Chinese food for miles, according to the Scalbergs.  We believe them, because we met them when the four of us were working in Hong Kong 25 years ago.  We didn’t have a waiter, so one of us had to be the photographer.  All the pictures came out blurry, this is the best of the lot.


I think we have found respite care, for Elvon.  I sent over his medical workup, and will finalize Monday, if both parties want to.  They need to approve based on what the doctor wrote, and I need to drop by there, sniff around, and get the feel of the care home.  It’s in Monterey.

After I wrote that, I went over to look at Carmel Hills Care Center.  It had some iffy ratings online and I wanted to give it the smell test.  It’s bright and cheerful, and spotlessly clean.  A very nice gal, named Donne, took me around.  It was lunch time, and a lot of the residents were gathered in the dining room.  The smell was of food, nothing as appetizing as the Lodge, of course, but Donne showed me the menu for the week, and it looked good.  She also shared that they had a new Executive Director, and there had been a huge improvement in the meals.  Now they use fresh meat and cook on site.  They used to use mostly canned stuff.  No wonder there were some iffy ratings.  They have a gym, with a recumbent bicycle, which Elvon really needs, and physical therapists on staff.  He needs all of this, and I need a break.  Come Monday morning, I’ll be negotiating him in.

Saturday’s news from the Residents’ Council contained this cheery sentence.  “Yesterday the Santa Rosa Fire Department completed its inspection of FGL and The Terraces and cleared them for occupancy.”  I like that.  It may still be up to a couple of weeks, but we are going home.  Sadly, I don’t think we will be living together any more.  It breaks my heart, but everyone is telling me I have to do it to save myself, and, I get it.

I have something to look forward to, today.  Elvon’s daughter Susan is driving down here for dinner, and will stay the night, to be here to support us, as we go through the separation process.  I feel better sharing that burden.  Thanks, love.  I know Cat and Matt want to be here, too, but she’s on the other side of the country, and supports me by phone.  It’s a tough time.