I bought the Scalbergs’ cat, Tony, a present.  It’s a rubber grooming tool for short-haired cats.  He loves it.  He purred and purred last night, and I got a good bit of hair out of him.  It came on a card, with raised plastic cover, held on with just a staple.  So I didn’t have to destroy the packaging to get the tool out.  The packaging came in handy a half-hour later when I found this darling little lizard in the family room.


I emptied him out into the garden, and did not throw away this packaging.

We are finally getting a bit of help.  It is from from VNA (Visiting Nurses) now.  The admitting one was just here.  She will get him some PT and try to find us a nearby memory care place.  A social worker should call me soon.  I will accept any place here, or up in Marin or  Sonoma Counties.  Even the City would do.  I’ll make that clear when the social worker calls.    The PT called and will visit Elvon tomorrow at one.  Hopefully he or she will be able to teach him how to transfer and that he will remember.  I am having no luck in that regard.

Robert May, our Executive Director, just wrote us that he is hoping that residents of FGL and The Terraces will be permitted to move back in some time during the second week of November (November 5-11).  As indicated in the message from OSL that was emailed to some residents, on Monday, October 30, they expect to announce a definitive move-in date