I erred when I said we were between two fires.  I didn’t realize that when I went through Ukiah to get here, I also went back UP the coast a good few miles.  So we are 20 miles North of the northernmost fire.  Of course, I only found this out after I packed up again last night, to evacuate again farther north.  Thanks to Nate at the Front Desk, who enlightened me when I started asking about the next Holiday Inn up the way.  So I unpacked, and put on my nightie, and answered emails, until 1:00 am, instead of driving.

I also erred in my Napa reporting.  Very few people have got in, so it’s hard to get real information.  The good news is that the Granges’ home has been spared, as has the Stewarts’ the Robertsons and Carol Kieschnick’s.  Laskers’ and Ruth Berggres’s Highlands homes are still standing, too.  The bad news is that Val and Mike Moone’s house is gone, along with Freddie Faraone’s, Coleman and Jeanne Rosenbergs’s, Sallyann and Peter Berendsen’s and the Gustafson’s custom build on Canyon, that everyone loved so much and wanted to buy.  I did get a text from Sallyann this morning and they are fine, if bereft.

I have no words, nor tears.  I may still be in shock.  We won’t be home any time soon.  But the Lodge is still standing and the Holiday Inn people in Fort Bragg are very nice to us.  I went out today and bought a change of clothes for Elvon, a 36 pack of Depends, kitty litter for Sylly P, and a 6 pack of underwear for me.  The air is not great, but I am sure it’s a damn site better than at home.  The sun is even out this morning, but the reports on containment of the blazes are far from encouraging.

My days are full, as so many friends are calling in, texting and emailing. Elvon is taking it well, but he does ask a lot of questions about why we aren’t at home.  The TV helps answer, but then he forgets.  This Holiday Inn has a recumbent bicycle, so he got 45 minutes on that while I walked the treadmill and did core exercises.  I am doing my best to keep our bodies in shape.

Like the HI in Montreal, they let me bring take-out to eat in the breakfast room. The choices are a far cry from Montreal’s, though.  Last night it was a Round table pizza.  Today I am going to scope a seafood restaurant that Nate recommended and see if they will do take-out.  There’s also a good Mexican.  I lose my appetite watching the news while we eat, but I am addicted to it.

Today, I am going to try to get Elvon clean.  This retrofitted accessible room only has a tub, so he can’t get into it, but it does have a telephone shower.  I think he can grasp a bar from outside the tub and I can hose him down.  It’s been five days.  He was due Monday morning, but you know how that went. He’s pretty stinky.

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Love to all.  Stay strong.  We will get through this.