It’s the last stop, but it’s a PIP
An LGBT Cruising ship.
The food’s delish, the view is art,
Our new friends are the bestest part.
We are as happy as can be
You just have to come and see.

The Harrises of Fountaingrove Lodge

4210 Thomas Lake Harris Dr., Apt 117
Santa Rosa, CA, 95403

Elvon, Helen and Sylly P


Cat’s Ass Cards, by Helen
where you’ll find the back story

And here it is:

Yes, we went around the world for the fourth time and, no, it never gets old.  We love the Amsterdam, its officers and crew, and the good fiends we have made over the years.  Elvon is slowing down, though, and it’s getting harder to take care of him, and about seventy other people.  So, after a brief visit with the Grays in Florida, we came home on May 5, to sell the house we had lived in for 22 years, and move here by June 10.

Pat Gustafson moved to Fountaingrove Lodge in February, and Susan Harris thought it would be just the place for us.  It had just opened up to straight couples, and we would be a good fit.  So, our place was secured, for occupancy May 31, thanks so much, Susan and Pat.  As she was living in our house with Sylly P, Susan also landed the job of staging the house, with Kim McPherson, our realtor.  It didn’t feel like home, when they were done, but it sure sold in a hurry, which was, after all, the objective.

The hard part was downsizing by half.  I miss some of the stuff we disposed of, but surprisingly little.  It’s liberating living small.  All that cruising was good preparation.  So much for moving out.  We’re still moving in, but we should be done in another two or three months.  We might even hang some pictures.  We brought enough with us.  For now, we look at our view, which is spectacular, and I work at keeping these old bodies fit, and selling travel.  2016 was my best year yet.  I am proud and pleased to report that, at least in one instance, I beat  the biggest Internet Travel Agency of all, on price.  There was never a contest on service.

We’re staying home, at least until June, and only taking short trips.  We enjoy dinner parties, almost every night, with our wonderful new friends. One of them turns out to have been in Elvon’s graduating class at Occidental College.  Small, small world.  Sylly P has settled in happily, but still demands a shrimp every night. We are planning a short cruise to Alaska in June, and, if that goes well, Northern Europe on the Prinsendam in August.  We love visitors and  Fountaingrove Lodge has a comfortable guest room.  Do come.

Love and purrs,

Elvon, Helen & Sylly P