Elvon is happier in The Terraces.  24 hours in, he was even much more responsive.  He even spoke a full sentence.  I didn’t see another one in the two subsequent days, though.  He seems to be happier, and mouthed I love you, in response to an entirely different question, but I take it when I get it, and am grateful.  His room is lovely and has great energy.  The building is quiet, even though there is a lot going on, if only he could participate.

Yesterday, I spent three hours there, waiting for, and working with, Comcast.  He didn’t pay much attention, and wasn’t really watching it when I left.  I am hoping it’s company.  I’ll have a lot more work to do to get it set up with Amazon Prime and NetFlix, so we can watch movies together in the evenings.  All this technical stuff has become so hard.  The Comcast rep couldn’t even set it up such that it would power on right into Comcast.  He has it so you need both remotes and knowledge of the fact that Comcast is “Outside Antenna/TV” to get it going.  That’s just wrong.  There are probably 20 people who will be touching that set and I can’t get the word to all of them.  I’ll make a little sign, if I can’t get it to work as it should.  That’s for this afternoon.  I wanted to report to you, first, and thank all of you for your encouragement, both here on the blog, in private emails, phone calls, and in person.  It keeps me going, and, yes, times ARE tough. Love, Helen