We have wonderful friends.  Chris and Larry Silver offered us their fabulous city apartment, in the Marina District, for 10 days.  It was very tempting but I turned it down.  It would save us a couple of thou but I am not at all sure that we could get there before they left, that it would not further disorient Elvon, and there would need to be an accessibility bar by the toilet or he will just tear down their towel rack.

So we are staying put.  We managed a shower this morning and that feels better.  Facebook was down at 10:00 am, doubtless overloaded. I got more news when it came back up.  We exercised in the gym, and I came back to my computer, with the TV on beside me.

I’ll start with the good news, but there isn’t much.  The Campbells, Aitas, and Gandaras still have their houses.  The Klenzes lost the most beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright style house on Loma Vista.  In the Highlands Alan and Betsy Gustsfson and Chris and Patty Bias lost their homes, as did Carmen Schmidt, the Blanks, the Beatos, the Dianas, the Anyos, the Wisbys, Bill Halsey and Raissa Sarantschin, Peter Gibert and Michele Kiefer, and Gene McSweeny.  There are more, but I don’t know everyone.  My heart is broken for all the homeless.

And guess what?  The wind is picking up.  Since it is still out of the North, we’re staying put and I am going shopping again.  Elvon is doubtless delighted that he has had the same pair of socks on for 3 days, but it doesn’t thrill me.  I’ll fix that.